Video Production Services

The best marketing is often storytelling.  Sharing success stories with your sales channel is a great way to introduce them to your products and services.  Today’s web technologies make it easier than ever to utilize video as your storytelling platform. According to Wyzowl's The State of Video Marketing 2019 report, the number of marketers using video has increased in the past three years to become almost ubiquitous (From 63% in 2017, to 81% in 2018, and 87% in 2019).

Despite the effectiveness of video content, marketers like you also find video to be the most difficult kind of content to create - and that’s where we come in!

WhatTheyThink was a pioneer in creating video content for the printing industry, having produced, shot, edited, and published over 3,400 video clips since being the first industry B2B publisher to add video to our content offering in 2007.

Why choose WhatTheyThink for your video production needs?  

  • We know video!  We’ve produced thousands of video episodes including interviews, company spotlights, product demos, application showcases and other engaging video content for over 12 years.
  • We speak the language!  With some of the best industry thinkers on our team, we understand the industry and speak the jargon and can ask the right questions to help tell your story and your customer’s story.
  • We understand every aspect of video: planning, production, editing, distribution, and promotion.
  • We have years of experience integrating video content into digital and print marketing programs.
  • We have invested in the best cameras and equipment that runs our industry leading video operations.
  • Our video team consists of experienced producers, content experts, video production professionals, and highly talented editors.
  • We have experience shooting on location across the globe in many different types of on-site locations.  We’re known for our flexibility and professionalism!


Our sales team will work with you to understand your budget and what marketing video assets you and your team would like us to produce.  We’ll build a custom plan and, once approved, you will be assigned a Producer who will be your point person in planning the video production engagement.

Production Costs

ProducerThis person is your key contact and will help in the overall planning and production of your video content.Included with production. Travel and hotel billed at cost.
VideographerThis person is a professional camera operator and is responsible for the capture of all video content. $850 per day.
$425 per half-day/travel day.
Production AssistantThis person is responsible for assisting the Producer and Videographer and is usually only required on larger, more complicated projects.$350 per day.
On-Site InterviewerThis person is typically a subject matter expert or known writer/editor and is responsible for preparing interview subjects and doing on-camera interviews.$1,000 per day.

Our production day rate includes standard video gear (high end cameras, professional lav mics, professional lighting). Any additional specialty video production equipment required for your shoot (booms, sliders, gimbals, etc) will be billed to you at a pass through rate from the rental house.

Post-Production Cost

Video Editing$1,000 per edited minute (Includes 2 rounds of revisions).
Re-Edits$1,000 per edited minute.
Motion Graphics$300 per hour (Requires Scope of Work).
Voice OverBilled at cost ($400-$2,000).
Script Development$1,200
Stock Music/SoundLicensing fees at cost.
Web Development$200 per hour. (Requires Scope of Work).
Miscellaneous MaterialsBilled at cost

Travel and Accommodation Cost

Travel costs typically include, but are not limited to, airfare including applicable baggage fees, ground transportation, and hotel. Travel and hotel accommodation will be billed at cost and at the time of reservation.


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