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BANNER Advertising

Rotating Positions Within Content

  • Leaderboard 970x90
  • Medium Rectangle 300x250
  • Half Page 300x600

Premium Ads

Site Re-skin 300x250 unit containing important marketing message and call to action (transparent PNG), high-Res background image for branding 1658x1058 or higher, Click thru URL


  • Leaderboard expands 970x415
  • Medium Rectangle expands 600x250
  • Half Page expands 600x600
  • Welcome Ad 550x480 Website

Level 1 - 30,000 ROS Impressions
Medium Rectangle 300x250$3,000
Billboard 970x250 Top$3,000
Leaderboard 970x90 Footer$3,000
Half Page 300x600$3,000

Level 2 - 45,000 ROS Impressions
Medium Rectangle 300x250$4,500
Billboard 970x250 Top$4,500
Leaderboard 970x90 Footer$4,500
Half Page 300x600$4,500

Level 3 - 60,000 ROS Impressions
Medium Rectangle 300x250$6,000
Billboard 970x250 Top$6,000
Leaderboard 970x90 Footer$6,000
Half Page 300x600$6,000

Campaigns can be synchronized to leverage product launch announcements, key events attended, or general brand recognition. Creative and landing page target can be changed at any time during the campaign.
  • Responsive Design - Desktop
  • Responsive design - tablet
  • Responsive design - phone

RESPONSIVE DESIGN is designed to accommodate every device, sensing the user's device and automatically deploying content and ads optimized for that device.

The result...

A better experience for both users and advertisers.
  • 300x600 and 300x250 positions adapt directly
  • Leaderboard positions adapt directly


Ads appear dynamically throughout the page as the end user scrolls, delivering content to the visitor in a continuous stream.


More content is visible to users via scrolling on every page, making the site more useful to the end user.
  • We don’t charge for ads that are not SEEN in their entirety by users
  • Since content is organized by channels, visitors see additional relevant content

Featured Programs & Bundles

We develop special bundles that are budget friendly around our sections and event coverage. Current deals include:


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