Custom Publications for Industry Events

WhatTheyThink offers a multi-channel media service called @ Event for industry events looking to increase their exposure, raise awareness, and provide attendees with valuable content that enhances the overall value of their event. The @ Event team is hyper-focused on covering commercial printing, wide format, signage, labels, packaging, speciality graphics, textiles and other industrial applications of print technology.

The @ Event service will leverage both digital and print publishing channels to provide the most comprehensive reach possible. Print coverage will revolve around a feature magazine made available at the live event, which will feature both original thought leadership aimed at educating the event audience about emerging technologies and critical trends, as well as event related announcements and news. Digital coverage will leverage the existing online channels of WhatTheyThink.com and PrintingNews.com. This approach will provide the widest possible audience for industry events by leveraging the now combined Printing News Group and WhatTheyThink global communities.

In addition to large industry trade shows, the new @ Event service will work with user group conferences, association events, franchisee events, and other industry events looking to improve their events through industry leading content and exposure through custom branded print, online, digital communication platforms.

Real-time event coverage allowing for deeper engagement into niche events.

Best possible content expertise and coverage for any industry event for the attendees.

Best cadre of thought leaders and writers in the industry.

Custom-branded print and digital products containing timely information.

Expert analysis and feature content that will add value and ultimately improve the overall event experience.

Print publications will be take-home pieces attendees can use as a reference tool throughout the year, and to communicate what they learned at the event to peers including emerging technologies and key economic, social and technological factors that affect their businesses.

Make event attendees’ time more meaningful by adding key thought leadership that will help to inform their visit and enhance their time at the show.

Timely digital event coverage including special digital content dedicated to the event

press releases and news coverage.

video interviews, commentary and analysis.

content about the event produced in cooperation with the event organizers.

extensive event coverage via all popular social media channels.

Event organizers and exhibitors are encouraged to contact us for more information on how to leverage the @ Event service and sponsorship opportunities available at select events.



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