Insert & Ride-Along Specifications

The USPS has set strict requirements regarding size, weight, content and formatting of inserts. Actual samples of the insert must be supplied for review for USPS compliance.

Binding Instructions  Tip on or saddle-stitched. Correct insert placement instructions are required stating front/back sequence.
Number of Inserts 36,000
Untrimmed Delivered 8" X 11-1/8" -- allowing trim of 1/8" on all four sides
Trim Size 7-7/8" x 10-7/8"
Keep vital matter 1/4" within trimmed size.
Minimum stock weight 1Page: 7lb Text
2-4 Page: 50lb Text
Maximum stock weight 100lb. Text

Packing Instructions

Inserts must be packed well and all stacked in the same direction

Shipping Instructions

Name of advertiser, name of publication, date of issue and shipper must appear on each carton with quantity in each carton, and total number of cartons.

Ship prepaid to:
LSC Communications
13487 South Preston Highway
Lebanon Junction, KY 40150
Attn: Carol Carman
Phone: 502-833-9101

The below info is extracted from DOMESTIC MAIL MANUAL Section 207:

15.0 Ride-Along Eligibility

15.1 General
The standards in 15.0 apply to USPS Marketing Mail material paid at the Periodicals Ride-Along price that is attached to or enclosed with Periodicals mail.

15.2 Basic Standards
Only one Ride-Along piece may be attached to or enclosed with one copy of Periodicals mail. The Ride-Along price must be paid on each copy in the mailing, rather than each addressed piece. A Ride-Along piece must meet the content eligibility requirements for USPS Marketing Mail and must:

  • Not exceed any dimension of the host publication except when the host publication and the Ride-Along piece are contained in an envelope, polybag, or other complete wrapper.
  • Not exceed 3.3 ounces and must not exceed the weight of the host publication.
  • Not obscure the title of the publication or the address label.

15.3 Physical Characteristics
The host Periodicals piece and the Ride-Along piece must meet the following physical characteristics:

a. Construction:

1. Bound publications. The Ride-Along piece must be securely affixed to the host publication, or if loose, the Ride-Along piece and publication must be enclosed in a full wrapper, polybag, or envelope.

2. Unbound publications. A loose Ride-Along enclosure with an unbound publication must be combined with and inserted within the publication in a manner that prevents detachment. If the Ride-Along piece is outside the unbound publication, the publication and the Ride-Along piece must be enclosed in a full wrapper, polybag, or envelope.

b. A Periodicals letter or flat with a Ride-Along must remain uniformly thick and must maintain the same processing category as before the addition of the Ride-Along.

15.4 Marking
The marking “Ride-Along Enclosed” must be placed on or in the host publication if it contains a Ride-Along enclosure or attachment. If placed on the host publication, the marking must be set in type no smaller than any used in the required “POSTMASTER: Send change of address…” statement. If placed in the identification statement, the marking must meet the applicable standards. The marking must not be on or in copies without a Ride-Along.